In the testimonials, in some cases we have not provided full contact details as we have been requested by the patients not to disclose the contact telephone numbers and full postal address as they are not conversant with responding to the queries. They used to get phone calls from other patients during undesired hours causing personal disturbance. Therefore, we are constrained to withhold contact details of some of the patients.


Doctors Recommendation


Report 1

Patient Name :
Mr. Manohar Nimkar (69 Years) Virar-Mumbai.

Report 2

Patient Name :
Mr.Suresh Deshpande (62 Years), 22,Kumar Apartment, Vithalwadi, Pune

Report 3

Patient Name :
Mr.R. D. Sant (78 Years), Pune City

Report 4

Patient Name :
Mr.Sharad Bankapure (57 Years)
Sundar Park, Manik Baug

Report 5

Patient Name :
Mr.Ankush Chavan (55 Years)
Remarks :
This person was taking only one capsule a day due to financial constraint. His EF has gone up from 35% to 45 % in six months.

Report 6

Patient Name :
Mr.Joe Vincent (51 Years)
Remarks :
This person took one capsule twice a day during July, August and September 2009
Then he took one capsule thrice a day during October, November, December 2009 and January 2010
He has been asked to revert back to two capsules a day from February 2010 for another 4 months.

Report 7

Patient Name :
Col.Jasbir Singh (64 Years)
He has taken only one Wrudved capsule per day from September 2009 till December 2009 i.e; 4 months. His EF% went up from 55% to 65%.

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